Poker is no doubt a popular card game among betting and gambling aficionados. It is also an incredibly old game, since its origins can be traced to the sixteenth century. However, it was until 2003 that the game shot into the mainstream. Today, many variations of the game – most notably Texas hold’em – have been developed, and its now common to find players enjoying the game in private homes, online poker sites, private clubs and casinos around the world.

Poker Statistics

Just how popular is poker? How many people are playing the game globally? According to Topline Findings published by Poker Players Research, about 7million people play poker for real money at least once a month. Of these, 5 million play in their private homes, while 2 million play in private clubs (

Additional Statistics

Overall, there are over 40 million poker players around the world. About of half of these people (23 million) are based in the United States. Other countries where poker is popular among the adult population include Germany, France, Canada, United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

Finally, one can only expect the number of poker play to keep rising. As Internet penetration increases across the world, more people will have access to online poker sites. So, whether you play poker socially for entertainment or professionally for an income, you are one of the many millions of people enjoying the game!

The Popularity of Poker in Europe

Betting is one of the easiest ways to make quick dollar. The thirst of money, to hit the jackpot is what attracts people to it. Betting has almost become a mantra, a religious chant, assumed to be true and never challenged.

Poker is not only one of the most fun games to play, it is also highly engaging. The game has become so popular, people all around the world with the lust to win, follow the game blindly.

Although many people do not agree to it, but it is certain that poker was founded in Europe. Europe, in search of new colonies took along with them the art of playing poker spreading the game all over the world.

Eventually, over time, as poker slowly spread through the US, Europeans seemed to have lost their interest in the game, leading to the question, how popular, in the modern world is poker in Europe?

¬ The Irish Open

After meeting with poker legends like Benny Binion and Johnny Moss in Vegas, Terry Rogers in 1981 founded The Irish Open which in fact is Europe’s longest running poker tournament.

¬ European Poker Tour

Very much similar to the World Poker Tour, EPT is a televised poker tournament founded by John Duthie, winner of the inaugural Poker Million tournament. The difference between the two however, lies in the fact that the final table in EPT is made up of 8 players, while in WPT it is made up of 6 players.

¬ Online Gaming

Online gaming has become so popular, almost every sport has an online game of its own. In Europe, there are several online poker websites that let you enjoy the game on your laptop.

All the aforementioned, have led to an increasing popularity of the game in Europe. It is now widely accepted and played among the people of Europe. Europeans are known to be tough competitors of the game which has in itself left an interest in the people to participate and compete in the game.